Career Fair

photos by Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser

Springville High hosted a Career Fair during lunch on Thursday, April 19.

Go Back for Murder, Student Produced Drama Play

photos by Colin Coughanour, SHS News

"Back for Murder" presented in the SHS Little Theater from April 12 - 14 and was a 100% student produced drama play directed by Maddie Fowler.  Special thanks to Nikki Powell (photos), Josh Gooch (poster design), and Lilly Sentz (painting).  The following students volunteered as "techies":  Paris Boorman, McKenna Anderton, Tori Pucket, Bethany Nunn, Savannah Thomas, Kaytlin Green, Kya Burrant, Emily Donahue, and Hannah Fowler.  A huge thanks to to Mr. Cragun, producer and drama teacher.