SHS Marching Band and Color Guard perform at halftime

photos by Nikki Powell, SHS News Photographer

On Wednesday, October 18, Springville's Award-Winning Marching Band and Color Guard performed at halftime.

Red Devils win region title

photos by Mark Spencer

Springville finished Region 8 play on senior night with a huge win against Provo, 54-12, securing the region title with an undefeated record, 7-0.  Springville’s only three season losses were to outside region teams.

Cole Bowers and Bradley Nicol had two touchdowns a piece with McGwire Child adding a touchdown. Ben Schreiner completed five receptions totaling 172 yards.  Ty Eriksson threw for 215 yards in the game and added two touchdowns. Schreiner and Eriksson each added two TDs a piece in the win.

However, the Bulldogs were able to hold onto their playoff spot despite the loss.

The Red Devils begin the first round of 5A state play at home against Olympus on Friday, October 27, at 4 p.m.

Spotlighting Lady Red Devils Volleyball

by Shinoahe Lee & Devon Maupin, SHS News Writers

Springville’s Lady Red Devils Volleyball team has been on a winning streak, taking home victory in the last nine out of ten games, only to fall to Skyridge.  Tonight Springville has a rematch against Skyridge at home, 6:30 p.m.  Come support our team!

Megan Nusink plays defense on our varsity team.  She always gives 100 percent into each practice; and, one of her goals is to continue improving her skills. 

“I joined volleyball for the fun of it.  In each game I’m filled with excitement and adrenaline,” said Nusink.

Her after high school plans include attending college and possibly serving a religious mission in hopes of going to Europe.

Varsity player Mikkele Gallier said, “I love the intensity of the sport.”

Ramzie Farr is destined to go “Farr” as she believes the key to success is teamwork.

“Teamwork is one of the things I enjoys most about the sport,” said Farr.

Farr joined the Volleyball team as a branch off from playing on city league. She wants to take her education a step further and would enjoy a game of volleyball on the beach. Her ultimate goal? Winning state by working as a team. Farr is always a star player you can count on.

Kaitlynn Bradley plays on the varsity team.  In the future, she sees herself coaching younger girls with their volleyball skills and plans on attending Utah Valley University. Bradley began playing volleyball by joining a city league as well as her mother introducing her to the sport. Her goals are to continue playing and enjoying the sport and plans to do that by her continuation of taking practice seriously. Bradley is a player anyone can count on, even if it’s off the court.

Lauren Alleman, who plays varsity mid-blocker, is a sensational member of the team. In ten years she sees herself attending Utah State University, being a volleyball coach, and an Art teacher as well. Alleman has always loved volleyball.  She plans on continuing to play well with hard work, practice, and the help of her team members.

Varsity Team Members:
Lauren Alleman, Kaitlynn Bradley, Brielle Cruz, Ramzie Farr, Mikkele Gallier, Genevieve Hopkinson, Langilangi Maviae, Megan Nusink, Emma Schultz, Kallysta Strong

JV Team Members:
Savannah Clyde, Jenessa Crystal, Ramzie Farr, Genevieve Hopkinson, Sage Loveland, Hekela Mavae, Avery Pritchard, Emma Schultz, Sabrina Scott, Jeri Strong, Gracie Thorpe, Jamie Wheeler, Kiki Wiberg

Sophomore Team Members:
Emma Ashton, Abigail Barron, Lila Blaser, Hannah Fowler, Julia Jeffs, Halli Johnson, Kahlan Johnson, Rachel Kieffer, Hekela Mavae, Syerra McCoy, Kaitlyn Metler, Madisen Pennington, Avery Pritchard, Kaylee Smyth, Jeri Strong

photos by Mark Spencer

SHS Color Guard receives Outstanding Auxiliary

photos by © Pamela's Photo Poetry

On Tuesday, October 10, Springville High's Marching Band and Color Guard participated in the Rocky Mountain Invitational competition held at Brigham Young University.   Color Guard received Outstanding Auxiliary and the SHS Marching Band won 2nd Place overall.

SHS Marching Band earns 2nd Place at the Rocky Mountain Invitational

photos by © Pamela's Photo Poetry

On Tuesday, October 10, Springville High's Marching Band and Color Guard participated in the Rocky Mountain Invitational competition held at Brigham Young University.   Color Guard received Outstanding Auxiliary and the SHS Marching Band won 2nd Place overall.

New Finance Office Secretary

by Shinoahe Lee and Devon Mahpin, SHS News Writers

Tara Jacobson is new to Springville High and works in our finance office.  She enjoys exploring mountain trails, avoiding housework, keeping the high record at Whack-a-Mole, and riding her semi-recumbent senior citizen’s bicycle. Jacobson has been married for 16 years and has three children, her oldest to be joining us here at SHS next Fall.

Jacobson graduated from Southern Utah University in 1997, majoring in Spanish.

“My Spanish is rusty, so come practice with me if you speak Spanish,” said Jacobson.

The most unusual job Tara worked at was in college.  She would gather juniper berries in the wilderness outside of Cedar City for a liquid herbal extract manufacturer.

If there was any place in the world she could go, it would be England. She also likes the idea that she doesn't need to learn a new language to go to a foreign country.

If you have the opportunity, make sure get to know our wonderful new financial secretary.

Lady Red Devils Girls Tennis Team finish 1st in region

by Nikki Powell and Colin Coughanour, SHS News Writers

Girls Tennis Team player Savannah Cochran said, “I was in the region tournament, and I felt like our team played great.”

Katie Petersen plays 2nd Varsity Doubles. She responds on how she wants to improve her skills.

Petersen said, “Probably my round game and maybe signals.”

“As a team we are doing super well; we took region and went to state,” said Petersen.

Petersen commented on why she likes playing tennis, “I chose tennis because I quit soccer, and my dad had a lot of influence on me.  I just like playing tennis; it's not just a team sport, but also a personal sport as well.  I think it’s a lot of fun.”

Hana Miyasaki, who plays doubles on the JV Girls Tennis team, played in the JV tournament. Miyasaki is always improving her game.

“Tennis is a mental game, so just focusing on staying positive is what I would like to improve,” said Miyasaki.

Miyasaki commented that the team did very well this year, and she did much better this year than she did last year.

Miyasaki decided to play tennis because, “I didn’t have anything else to do at the time. I enjoy tennis because it’s fun and competitive,” said Miyasaki.

Girls Tennis Team Members:
Savannah Cochran, Alexi Corfield, Kelsey Corfield, Lydia Felix, Brooke Galbraith, Amanda Gardner, Hannah Geary, Emma Haven, Brianna Hardy, Hana Miyasaki, Maren Murphy, Addison Nielson, Katie Petersen, Elizabeth Rex, Naomi Rollins, Olivia Smith, Samantha Smith, Brinley Southam, Kelsey Sumsion, Jane Sweat, AnnaBeth Templeman, Emma Templeman, Chloe Welch, and Christine White