Events for the Week of February 13, 2017


Monday, Feb 13:
Sweethearts Week
(1:45pm) Detention Service Project, meet @ cafeteria
(3pm) Sweetheart Interviews

Tuesday, Feb 14:
Sweethearts Week
Valentine’s Day
(11am) Sweethearts Farm Activity
(3:30pm) Boys’ Basketball vs Maple Mountain
(3:30pm) Girls’ Basketball vs Maple Mountain

Wednesday, Feb 15:
Sweethearts Week
Region Strings S/E @ Payson
(3pm) Sweethearts Cake Making
(4pm-8pm) Parent-Teacher Conferences, main gym

Thursday, Feb 16:
Sweethearts Week—Assembly
(9am) Sweethearts Assembly, main gym
(3:30pm) Girls’ Basketball @ Wasatch

Friday, Feb 17:
Sweethearts Week
(3:30pm) Boys’ Basketball @ Wasatch

Saturday, Feb 18:
Sweethearts Week—Dance
Winter Guard Competition @ AF
(8pm) Sweetheart Dance, main gym

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Two SHS Swim Records Fell this Weekend as Mighty Red Devils Place 3rd at State!

Lisa and Daniel Simmons


The Boys 200 Medley Relay record swim (previously held for nine years by Tim Call, Daniel Simmons, Calvin Clark, and Bryant Taylor) was broken by 6 tenths of a second with the new standard set at 1:40.12 on Friday by Jake Anderson, Spencer McQueen, Cameron Green, and Brock Hargett.

Another longstanding record (held by Wesley Johnson for 14 years) fell in the Boys 100 Backstroke, and is now held by Jake Anderson, who became the first SHS swimmer to go under 54 seconds with a 53.87.

The girls came close in both freestyle relays, and Abbi Morris came within a few 10ths of a second of besting the 100 Breaststroke record (retained by Kim Clark).

Many personal records were also attained in tapered, strong, and heartfelt swims at the 4A State Championships.  Please see the details below.

Our 4A STATE Swimmers’ Results:

Boys – 3rd place

Sr - Jacob Anderson (200 Medley Relay 2nd; 200 FR 6th; 200 FR Relay 2nd’; 100 BK 3rd)

Sr - Brock Hargett (200 Medley Relay 2nd; 50 FR 8th; 100 FR 15th; 200 FR Relay 2nd)

Sr - Christopher Morgan (100 Fly 23rd)

Jr - Spencer McQueen (200 Medley Relay 2nd; 200 IM 7th; 100 BR 11th; 400 FR Relay 8th)

Jr - Cougar Pope (50 FR 7th; 200 FR Relay 2nd; 100 BR 7th)

Jr - Michael Atwood (50 FR 15th; 400 FR Relay 8th)

Jr - Kaden Jepperson (400 FR Relay 8th)

Fr - Cameron Green (200 Medley Relay 2nd; 200 IM 9th; 500 FR 4th; 200 FR Relay 2nd)

Girls – 13th place 

Sr - Abbi Morris (500 FR 7th; 100 BR 3rd; 400 FR Relay 8th)

Sr - Sara Bush (50 FR 18th; 100 FR 19th; 200 FR Relay 7th; 400 FR Relay 8th)

Sr - Abi Maccabee (200 FR Relay 7th)

Sr - Sophie Wilcox (200 FR 21st; 100 Fly 24th)

Jr - Anna Brower (200 FR 20th)

So - Natalie Mertz (50 FR 21st; 200 FR Relay 7th; 100 BK 14th; 400 FR Relay 8th)

So - Nicole Pope (100 FR 20th; 200 FR Relay 7th; 400 FR Relay 8th)


Students Who Made a Difference

by Evelyn Berenton and Erin Call, SHS News Writers

Brooke Bromley and Naomi Pruett have gotten the word out. They have increased membership by 86%. The FCCLA Program at Springville High School is thriving this year.

Bromley and Pruett organized the biggest service project that Springville’s FCCLA program has ever seen. 

“Our program raised over $1,000 dollars to help a child in a third world country have a better life,” said Bromley.

Springville High is so proud of the all of the work these two students have done to make the world a better place. Keep it up!

Lady Red Devils win big over Uintah Utes

photos by Mark Spencer

In the 61-33 region win, Savannah Sumsion led the Red Devils with 15 points, Cheyanne Brown added 10 more, and Springville handily defeated the Utes. Kami Warner and Mikayla Miyasaki each added 9 points in the win.

Kassidy Callahan led Uintah with 10 points.

Game played at Springville on Friday, February 3.

photos by Mark Spencer

Lady Red Devils defeat Wasatch

photos by Mark Spencer

Springville preserved its undefeated region record by defeating Wasatch 45-42. Kami Warner led the way for the Red Devils with 13 points.  Game was played at home on Tuesday, January 24.

photos by Mark Spencer

Lady Red Devils bring home big road win

photos by Mark Spencer

Springville’s Savannah Sumsion had a stellar outing with 22 points and 16 rebounds to lead the Red Devils to the big victory over rival Maple Mountain, 54-49. The Golden Eagles were led by Maddie Eaton with 16 points.  Game was played on January 20 at Maple Mountain.

photos by Mark Spencer

Red Devils big win over Utes

photos by Mark Spencer

In the 74-44 Red Devil home win, Andrew Slack (6 rebounds) and Ben Schreiner led Springville's balanced attack with 19 and 17 points, respectively. Josh Elison and Mark Gallagher (5 rebounds) each added 8 points in the win.

The Utes' Jon Parker scored a game-high 28 points in the loss.

Game played at Springville on Friday, February 3.

photos by Mark Spencer

Events for the Week of February 6, 2017


Monday, Feb 6:
National School Counselor Week

Tuesday, Feb 7:
National School Counselor Week

Wednesday, Feb 8:
National School Counselor Week
State Wrestling @ UVU
(3pm) School Community Council
(5:30pm) Softball Tryout Meeting, cafeteria

Thursday, Feb 9:
National School Counselor Week
State Wrestling @ UVU
(6:30pm) Track Parent Meeting, cafeteria

Friday, Feb 10:
National School Counselor Week
State Swim @ BYU
(3:30pm) Boys’ Basketball @ Salem Hills
(3:30pm) Girls’ Basketball @ Salem Hills

Saturday, Feb 11:
State Swim @ BYU
(8am) Debate National Qualifying Tournament
(12pm) Bantam Basketball, all gyms

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Window on the Workplace

Brad Northcutt, Work-based Learning Coordinator

On Wednesday, January 25, Ric Hartman, Superintendent of the Springville Division of Wildlife Resources office, spoke to students at lunch about careers with the DWR and its various departments.  Students were able to learn about the many different areas of focus with the DWR and their duties. 

Most came away impressed by the sheer number of jobs for the State of Utah that need to be done to manage the fish and wildlife we have.  Students commented also on the fact that Mr. Hartman enjoyed his job immensely due to the variety of duties and experiences he has had.