Boys Cross Country team win state trophy; Lady Red Devils finish 4th

by Savanna Wightman and Carlos Reina, SHS News Writers (photo by Nikki Powell)
Springville's Boys Cross Country Win State
Springville's Boys Cross Country Win State

Congratulations to the Red Devil Boys Cross Country team for taking first place in state competition; an amazing accomplishment.  The Girls Cross Country team had a great showing with a 4th place state finish overall.

Benton Bird on the boys cross country team has set goals and has tried to do better ever since he started racing. His goal is to do better and what helps him achieve that is to attend practice. He started running this year with the team and loves it. He has a routine that he does before a meet. 

“The night before I eat protein like toast; more specifically, peanut butter toast. I also drink a lot of water,” said Bird.

He likes the aspect that he can make friends who have the same athletic goals and they can achieve it together.

Amanda Brimhall, who runs for Springville’s Cross Country Lady Red Devils team, always sets goals before every meet. One of her goals to achieve is to push herself as much as she can, she achieves these goals by friends who push her to be great. Amanda says that before every meet to prepare the team they meditate and envision the race.

“If you see yourself doing great, you’ll succeed,” said Brimhall.

“Cross Country is a great way to meet friends,” added Brimhall, “I started cross country with my sophomore friend; since then, I haven’t wanted to stop.”

Cody Brown’s goals include not giving up, no matter how hard it gets. His daily routine before a meet is eating a good meal the night before and drinking lots of water.  Then, he gets into the mentality of winning and achieving. He joined cross country because of his friends.

“It might be challenging and a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun,” said Brown.

Boys Team Members:
Jackson Adams, Ben Aegerter, Benson Bird, Joseph Boggess, Zachary Bradshaw, Cody Brown, Alma Burrows, Joseph Burrows, McKay Carr, Andrade Christensen, Ayden Christensen, McKay Dalley, Zackary Dalley, Spencer Ercanbrack, Skyler Farrel, McKay Farrel, Waren Finlayson, McKay Francom, William Francom, Caleb Gardner, Grant Gardner, Brandon Gamica, Caleb Gamica, Jacob Gee, Spencer Goff, Connor Hansen, Timothy Harlow, Isaac Hodson, Darin Humble, Brandon Johns, David Kieffer, Adam Krieger, Nathan Martin, Stockton Nelson, Ethan Owens, Devin Pancake, Carter Paxton, Justin Poole, Santos Quintana, Treven Roberts, Miles Rosenberg, Joseph Sanders, Ethan Sines, Montomery Taylor, Marc Truscott, Ethan White

Girls Team Members:
Melody Anderson, Grace Ashcraft, Avery Bladwin, Bethany Blakey, Amanda Brimhall, Abigail Cannon, Kate Chatfield, Lydia Felix, Jordan Folsom, Kaitlyn Gee, Kaylee Gerhret, Alice Giatras, Olivia Gonzales, Bekki Grigg, Ella Holden, Courtney Holt, Natala Love, Aubrey Nissen, Ella Parker, Olivia Penrond, Carsen Poole, Jadyn Rees, Katherine Rex, Emma Rich, Mariah Skinner, Whitnee Sowa, Blythe Stoddard, Heidi Sumsion, AnnaBeth Templeman, Madison Walker

2nd photo by Deseret News