February Springville Mayor's Recognition Awards

by Shannon Acor

The Mayor and City Council were pleased to recognize three exceptional students at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting.  Sam Daybell, Sabrina Reyes and Roxie Chambers were honored with the Springville Mayor’s Recognition Award. 

Springville Jr. High 7th grader Sam Daybell was nominated by Chris Busath who shared, “Sam is an outstanding citizen.  He is positive about school and is responsible and attentive.” 

Sweethearts Assembly

photos by Francesca Rotolo and Christopher Luther, SHS News Photographers

The first week of February was full of “sweetheart” competition, from corralling pigs to cake decorating to interviewing.  Each Springville High club nominated a female student to participate as a contestant in “Sweethearts.” 

Sweethearts "Pig Chase"

photos by Anna Tuttle

Sweethearts Week started with the traditional pig chase (corral).  This year's contestants were each nominated by their respective clubs.

Sweetheart Contestants:
Jennifer Robinson (Drill Team), Rebekah Faber (Chinese Club), Lauren Ostler (ProStart), Emilee Christensen (STUDCO), Rebecca Morrison (NHS), Kallie Whitby (Hope Squad), Lauren Brinton (Choir), Elissa Coral (HOSA), Anenia Tuttle (FCCLA), Leslie Lifferth (FFA), Rylee Seamons (Cheer), MaKell Wilson (Dance Company), Jackie Gutierrez (LIA), Alana Richings (Drama Guild), Payton Acor (ASAP).